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Motorcycle Insurance Coverages

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Is Important!

In the state of Texas, all drivers are required to have adequate insurance. Specifically, drivers need to have coverage for property damage covering at least $25,000 in damages and at least $60,000 for accidents on the road.

For motorcycles, this also is the rule. Motorcycles are expensive and prized personal possessions. They are also riskier to drive than typical automobiles, and accidents with motorcycles tend to be much more serious in nature than with automobiles.

Having the right insurance plan for you and your financial means can save you a lifetime of headaches and worry about unforeseen accidents and disasters.

That’s why it is important to do proper research to have the knowledge necessary to buy an insurance plan that suits the needs of you, your vehicle, and its drivers.

The Benefits of Good Motorcycle Insurance

Like we said above, having good motorcycle insurance is essential for both your financial and personal well-being. Having the right plan will give you both protection and the ease of mind that comes with being prepared for the unexpected.

Quality motorcycle insurance will protect both you and the drivers of your motorcycle from liability that comes with any accidents caused. Otherwise, the cost of bodily injury and property damage caused by accident can quickly escalate out of control, costing tens of thousands of dollars in damages and legal fees.

Of course, insurance will also come to the rescue if you are a victim of an accident. A good insurance plan will cover the damages and legal fees that come with being a victim and also apply to acts of theft, vandalism, or other unforeseen circumstances that are no fault of your own.

Cunningham & Associates -- Dependable & Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

At Cunningham & Associates, we offer both new and existing motorcyclists affordable and capable motorcycle insurance plans, as well as umbrella insurance plan options to cover minute details a traditional insurance plan may fall short of covering.

If you are looking to get an insurance plan, you can rest easy knowing that our professional agents will formulate an in-depth insurance plan with all of your financial needs and concerns addressed affordably.

Give us a call today to speak with our agents to get a hassle-free quote and learn more about your options.

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