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Renters Insurance

With Texas experiencing a growing economy in business, new residents are moving into the state every day. With many being new to the area, renting is a great option for the time being, whether that be an apartment or a single-family home in a suburb. Before you sign your lease, you should consider a renter's insurance policy from Cunningham & Associates today.

What Is Renter's Insurance?

This policy is designed to protect a person's personal property when they rent out a dwelling to stay in for a length of time that they do not own. While it is not required at the state level, some landlords and leasing agencies may require a policy before they will let you sign a leasing agreement.

Property Protection

Should the property you are renting sustain damages from natural disasters, accidental fires, or any other tragic event, your personal belongings could be damaged or misplaced. Without renter's insurance, you are left to cover these items' costs on your own, which is difficult on your finances.

Overnight Expenses

If the property that you are renting at the time suffers damages to the structure and needs renovations, you can have your traveling expenses reimbursed for hotel rooms and any additional expenses you may have had over the duration of the time. Without this coverage, you are responsible for covering these costs and replacing damaged items, which can be expensive and cause significant financial distress.

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If you are renting in Texas and are looking to purchasing renter's insurance, give our team at Cunningham & Associates a call today for more information. We can help you acquire a quote and get the coverage you need today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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